About Us

Prometsu Construction  Wastewater Plant and Equipments San. Trade Ltd. Sti. was established in Bursa in 2013 by Şerif MUTLU with the aim of realizing, developing and disseminating treatment technologies and environmental management systems applications in Turkey. Wastewater Treatment and Recycling systems at Prometsu Artım, with our experience and know-how, the most suitable solutions for your needs and expectations
carry out treatment systems applications at different scales in the national and international arena.

Prometsu Treatment Systems, which operates on turnkey solutions in wastewater treatment systems, works on transferring natural resources to future generations and environmental investments in this regard, and carries out projects on pre- and post-use issues.

Services starting from the concept stage of treatment systems cover the whole life of the system as design, project, construction, equipment manufacturing, transfer of operating skills, periodical maintenance.


It was established to provide effective, high quality and the most accurate solutions for all your waste water treatment and water treatment needs.

As in most branches of engineering, the solutions of treatment systems have different suitability definitions according to the applied field. Wastewater characteristics originating from sectors with different production content differ in all of them. Prometsu Treatment offers you a special solution with its expert staff with different sector and application experiences.

Our Principles;

-To prioritize the satisfaction of our customers,

-To meet the expected efficiency by choosing high quality treatment systems that will give good results in the long term,

-Using natural resources and energy resources economically and efficiently.

-To produce economical, creative and reliable solutions by constantly developing in the light of technological advances and to develop these solutions.

-Correct engineering, appropriate process, providing a fast and comfortable solution

Prometsu Treatment has adopted its principles and proved this with many projects it has realized. Our leadership, which we maintain with our expertise in our sector and our way of doing business, is a source of pride and confidence for our company. Our top priority in our relations with the people and institutions we serve is to be based on goodwill, honesty and transparency.

  • Mission

    • Atıksu Arıtma Sektöründe hizmet kalitemizi arttırarak müşteri memnuniyetini sağlamak.
    • Gelişen teknolojiler ile kendimizi geliştirerek yeniliklere açık olmak.
    • Kurulan sistemler ile çevre ve insan sağlığını göz önünde bulundurarak en iyi sistem ile çalışma

  • Vision

    • Prometsu Arıtma'yı atıksu arıtma sektöründe ilk sıraya taşımak.
    • Müşterilerimizin her türlü sorununa çözüm ortağı olmak.

Prometsu Treatment Systems

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